OTTO ervices

Information and technology transfer between its national marketing and sales organizations, R&D and production specialists, has enabled the OTTO Group to enter new markets with products and services which meet the highest national and international standards.


In-mold Labeling

A creative innovation above the rest 
In Mould Labeling (IML) uses paper or plastic labels during the manufacturing of containers. The label will serve as an integral part of the final product. This will be delivered as a pre-decorated item. IML is an excellent alternative to hot stamping( one color only). Colors are used to attract and allow users to be emotionally attached to the recycling information on the lid. During manufacturing the “sticker” is moulded into the plastic and becomes part of the bin/lid.

IML is both scratch and weather proof.


Customised Hot Stamp

Council/company logos, serial numbers, customized instructions on lids may be used to personalize and make each bin unique to the customer’s requirements.


Identification & Information System

OTTO has the technical know how to insert data into the RFID chip in collation to the serial number of the bin during the time of manufacture.
In today's world it is essential that you can monitor the equipment that you have dispatched in the streets through identification and use it to collect the information necessary for an appropriate control of your operational costs. This can lead you to roll-out new business models such as pay-as-you-go where you will need a sophisticated access control system.

Days are over when people thought the waste collection equipment in the street was of no value and therefore should not be managed. Nowadays under budget constraints, most local authorities wants to control their total costs of waste management (TCWM) Identification of equipment is the first building stone : by installing a micro-chip on the equipment, it is possible to identify it automatically during waste collection for example and therefore gather information such as weight, frequency etc...

Information management
Knowing more about what you collect and the usage of the bins will help you improve your collection frequency, routes and give you the opportunity to bill users separately on the basis of objectives criteria. Once your bins are identified with an electronic chip, we can equip your collection trucks with the necessary receivers, weighing systems and software so that all the vital information is collected into a central database. You will then have access to that database to develop your own statistics, or you can ask us to give you the right tools to analyse your information.

Access control
By installing smartcard reader on your underground waste containers, you can control and use them and implement specific billing schemes. In holidays areas for example, local residents could receive free access to the waste facility while summer residents (who do not pay local taxes in general…) would need to buy a temporary card to dispose off their waste. Many other applications based on pay-as-you-go schemes could be implemented...